WoodWind Workshop

Lionel Phillips, LRAM ARCM

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Updated 20th June, 2015

 Woodwind instruments, Flutes for sale, Saxophones for sale, Clarinets for sale, Hire

 in  Croydon. Surrey, South London, UK 

Woodwind Instruments

We sell, hire out, buy, repair and overhaul all woodwind instruments. We have a range of flutes for sale, saxophones for sale. clarinets for sale.

All new instruments are sold at  substantial discounts


Hire Scheme

This enables you to hire, then buy at any time during the first year. (See details under HIRE, above.)  

Our hire scheme applies both to new and second-hand instruments


Free advice

We give advice on choice, and free instruction on how to assemble the instrument, how to clean it, and how to play the first notes

If the player is a beginner this really amounts to a first lesson - and  there's no charge.


Based in Surrey, we have had many years experience in the specialist field of dealing with, repairing and servicing woodwind instruments, together with over 30 years experience as players and woodwind teachers.


We will know what your needs are when a few necessary questions have been asked, and we are solely interested in providing the instrument most likely to suit the player and the client's purse.  Considerable importance is placed on your likely future needs.

WoodWind Workshop

Lionel Phillips, LRAM ARCM

42, Whitgift Avenue, South Croydon, Surrey, CR2 6AY


(Please telephone before v i s i t i n g)

Tel:  020 8686 3530

email :- woodwindworkshop@uk2.net

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